Davidson College Scholarships (Bryan & Belk)

posted Sep 4, 2018, 12:52 PM by Keri Miles   [ updated Sep 19, 2018, 6:17 AM ]

Davidson College BRYAN Scholarship:

Two Bryan Scholars, one male and one female, are chosen for each entering class.  

 Bryan Scholars 

  • present outstanding academic records
  • are strong leaders both in the classroom and in their sport
  • are impact players at the NCAA Division I level in one of eighteen eligible sports.

If you believe you qualify for the scholarship and are interested in being one of Magnet's nominees, see Mrs. Miles prior to September 24.  Nominees will need to submit a complete application for admission to Davidson by October 15.  Finalists will participate in selection interviews on campus on October 28, 2018

For more information, go to http://www.davidson.edu/admission-and-financial-aid/financial-aid/scholarships/nomination-scholarships/lowell-bryan-scholarship.


Davidson College John M. BELK Scholarship:

The Belk Scholarship recognizes and rewards students of demonstrated intellectual and personal achievement and significant leadership ability.  Belk Scholars represent the finest attributes of the Davidson College student body:  intellectual excellence and curiosity, integrity, global awareness, and leadership ability/potential.

Up to 8 Belk Scholars will be chosen.  Each will receive an annually renewable scholarship equivalent to the college's comprehensive fees (valued at $65,000) and two special study stipends (up to $3,000 per stipend) to pursue international student and other enrichment opportunities.  

Information on Davidson College can be found at www.davidson.edu.  Information on the Belk Scholarship can be found at http://www.davidson.edu/admission-and-financial-aid/john-belk-scholarship.

If you believe you are a good fit for this school/scholarship and would like to be considered as Magnet's nominee, see Mrs. Miles by November 2.  Nominees must submit a completed admission application no later than December 3.