Senior Lunch & Learn Series

posted Jan 11, 2019, 12:21 PM by Keri Miles

I am thrilled to announce a new program we are kicking off for our seniors this spring  - The Senior Lunch & Learn Series.  Each month an LSUS representative will give a presentation on a college related topic.  As we all know, when you leave Magnet you are prepared academically for college.  These Lunch & Learn presentations will help prepare you for “college life”.       

Below are the dates of the presentations (along with the information I have so far) so you can go ahead the presentations to your calendar.  The presentations will be held in the PAC during both lunch shifts.  You are encouraged to bring your lunch to the PAC and eat while participating in the seminar.  Presentations will begin a few minutes after each lunch shift begins so students getting a lunch from the cafeteria will have time to do so.  

Spring Senior Lunch & Learn Series

Tuesday, January 22

·       Managing your First Year/Successful College Experience with Trey Gibson – Trey is an alum of Caddo Magnet High School and LSUS.  He oversees the First Year Experience class at LSUS and serves as advisor of their national-winning debate team. The presentation will be a fun and informative covering topics such as how to acclimate to college life, the importance of taking advantage of campus resources, how to get connected to your college (and not over commit yourself), and how to prepare for arriving at college (beyond the academics).

Thursday, February 21

·       Money!  Money!  Money! – Harvey Rubin, a Business and Finance professor at LSUS, will be talking about taxes, budgeting, loans, credit cards, and insurance.

Friday, March 15 – Topic TBA

Thursday, April 18 – Topic TBA


Note:  Although the presenters are from LSUS, the topics are geared toward all students and all colleges.  J