Graduation (Everything You Need To Know)


Below are the GPA requirements and honor graduate regalia fees effective 2015-2016 and beyond.  If you meet the qualifications listed at the end of your senior year, you will be given the opportunity to purchase the appropriate regalia to wear to graduation. 

Honor Graduate Categories and GPA:                                    Regalia Fees:

Summa Cum Laude   (GPA Range  4.75 – 4.99)                        Honor Stole - $23.00

Magna Cum Laude    (GPA Range  4.50 – 4.74)                         Honor Cord (Red/Gold) -  $8.50

Cum Laude                (GPA Range  4.00 – 4.49)                         Honor Cord (Double Gold) - $8.50

GRADUATION ATTIRE *subject to change*


  • Clothing: Must wear a BLACK dress, black skirt, or black long dress slacks. You may wear a BLACK SKIRT or SLACKS with a white blouse. Hem length for dresses/skirts should be roughly KNEE length. Yes, the skirt will show under the graduation gown. No leggings. Do not wear the white collar that comes with your cap and gown.
  • Shoes: Solid black dress shoes, black dressy flats, and black heels are all acceptable. No other colors or partial colors are acceptable. Heels must not exceed 3 ½ inches for safety reasons. Both must have heel boxes or straps (slingbacks are OK) and may be either closed-toed or open-toed. Shoes (such as slides) that have no connection to one’s heels and flap up and down as one walks are not allowed. Shoes should not have large or ostentatious decorations, such as bows, spikes, or flowers. No boots, booties, sandals, or flip-flops will be allowed.  No shoes with straps or laces upon the calves will be allowed. Wedges are allowed if the uppers AND straps are black.


  • Black Dress Tie/Bow Tie
  • White Dress Shirt: Short or long sleeve white button-up shirt.
  • Dress Trousers: MUST be black. Gentlemen’s dress trousers DO NOT include black denim or jeans.
  • Dress Shoes: MUST be black dress shoes. Gentlemen’s dress shoes DO NOT include sneakers or athletic shoes, even if they are black.

ALL Seniors

  • Iron gowns on a low heat setting to remove wrinkles from packaging.
  • Students should not have ostentatious or gaudy jewelry or decorations on their cap/gown
  • All caps and gowns will be red. No attachments to either cap or gown will be permissible. 
    • Approved honors stoles and cords are the only decoration permitted. These will be paid for and distributed after the final GPAs have been calculated in May.


Notes for you and your family:

You are expected to be at graduation at 8AM, fully dressed, with your cap and gown. Do not bring extra items with you.  Students need to keep cell phones off during the ceremony. Selfies, texting, and taking pictures are not allowed during the ceremony. Faculty is not responsible for phones or personal items that are left unattended. Note: Leave phones, purses, and personal items with parents.


Do NOT bring balloons or other large displays that might block the views of others or take up extra seats. It is disrespectful to the other audience members.  Do NOT bring noisemakers: no air horns, musical instruments, prolonged clapping/cheering, megaphones, loud cell phones, or other devices that cause disruptions. It is disrespectful to the other graduates. This is a formal ceremony for the entire Magnet Family- be respectful of others.