Scholarships & Funding College

How do you plan to fund your college education?  During your junior year, you should begin researching scholarships to determine what you may be eligible for.  Although you will not apply for most of the scholarships until your senior year, you should make sure you know the eligibility requirements and the submission deadline so you do not miss out on any opportunities.  You will also want to begin learning about other means of financial aid, including loans and grants.

Begin your scholarship search now but keep these important tips in mind:
  1. Begin your search now and conduct as much research as you can.  Apply for every scholarship you are eligible for.
  2. Meet all deadlines.
  3. Follow directions. Provide everything that is requested but no more than is required.
  4. List all activities and honors, highlighting those that are relevant to the scholarship.
  5. Neatness counts.  Type your application.
  6. Make a photocopy of the application before you begin.  If you make a mistake, you can start fresh with a clean copy.  Also make a copy of the completed application, so you can resend it if the original is lost.
  7. Ask for help if you need it.  Don't hesitate to call the funding organization.
  8. Write an essay that makes a strong impression.  Tell a story and use personal examples.
  9. Choose references who know you well and give them plenty of time to write a recommendation.
  10. Give your application (and/or essay) a final "once-over."  Ask a friend, teacher, or parent to proofread it.

Beware of Scams:
  1. Read the fine print and make sure you understand all terms and conditions before accepting any award.
  2. Be wary of companies that "guarantee" you'll receive a scholarship, especially if their offer was unsolicited and/or they are requiring that you pay money for their services.
  3. Never provide any confidential or personal identification information to an unfamiliar person or organization.
  4. Remember that there are many free scholarship searches available, where you can get all the information you need at no charge.
  5. Learn more about financial aid scams at the Federal Trade Commission's Scholarship Scams website:

Online Scholarship Search Engines:
*Additional websites will be listed as I come across them*

Other Resources of Information:
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Scholarship Apps:
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Scholarship for Students with Disabilities:
Information about eligibility requirements and how to apply can be found at
  • The Allegra Ford Thomas Scholarship is a $2,500 one-time scholarship awarded to a graduating high school senior with a documented learning disability and/or ADHD who will be enrolled in a two-year community college, a vocational or technical training program, or a specialized program for students with learning and attention issues in the fall of 2018.
  • The Anne Ford Scholarship is a $10,000 scholarship ($2,500/year over four years) granted to a graduating high school senior with a documented learning disability and/or ADHD who will be enrolled in a full-time bachelor’s degree program in the fall of 2018.

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